Coffee Roasting Plant


Eco-Delight Coffee roasting plant is located in the heart of California's beautiful Sonoma wine country, in the city of Petaluma, which is fast becoming a center for specialty foods.  Local sourcing is an important aspect of specialty food companies, allowing the utmost control of quality and freshness. Eco-Delight Coffee shares a synergy with the other speciality food companies, as it is vertically integrated directly with its growers in coffee producing countries worldwide.

Eco-Delight Coffee moved to its current location in July of 2014, and has sufficient capacity in this location to meet its objectives of supplying a growing customer base in the San Francisco bay area and greater northern California.  As we expand to other regions, Eco-Delight Coffee will open additional coffee roasting plants, in order to keep our coffees high quality artisan rather than mass produced.

Eco-Delight Coffee Process

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