Mission and philosophy


Mission: To provide the highest quality coffee for the best value.

Philosophy: Eco-Delight Coffee is a company of coffee growers in Latin America, comprised of estates, families and cooperatives that we know personally and have grown up with.  By doing "direct trade" Eco-Delight Coffee maintains total control of the coffee, from the fields all the way to your cup. We guarantee the highest quality and total traceability, with true ecological and social consciousness.  Our philosophy come at a premium, and Eco-Delight Coffee pays its growers a premium price. This allows the growers care for their lands with ecological consciousness, to provide better lives for their workers, and support social projects for their workers and families.  Eco-Delight Coffee is true to its name, with utmost consideration of protecting and preserving the eco-systems of the habitats of the various growing regions from which its coffees are sourced.

Eco-Delight Coffee will stay true to its philosophy.

Here we are!